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    Expanding Markets

    My company is currently looking into expanding our services, from shared and colocated/dedicated, to game hosting. In addition to the services brought in of that style directly, we're hoping our name will spread and interest game-related websites and, perhaps, even game developers in need of a server backbone for testing and/or development.

    We feel we have the infrastructure to jump into the new realms quite easily, but all is for naught if we cannot get the first few clients which are key to encourage more to follow.

    I was wondering if any one may have advice on expanding into the game hosting market.

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    I'm not in this market but I would sponsor a popular gaming site in exchange for some advertising...

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    Drop me a message, I would love to talk with you further. I can target (market to) the gaming community quite well, and have many ideas for game server hosting. If you are still looking for input feel free to drop me a message.

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    we have also considered this, it seems to be a rather large market...
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