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    Best company for...

    a free hosting?

    I mean, I am thinking to start a site offering free hosting...

    Therefore, I expect quite a bit of BW usage... which will be my best shot?

    I am looking for lowest price possible... since I don't need some kickass servers with HIGH quality BW....

    any recomendation?

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    I think you should go with
    Rackshack, or UnitedColo for your purpose.

    I'm also interested in offering a free hosting.
    May be we can share some idea?


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    the million dollar question, WHY do you want to offer free hosting - are you planning on making money from it ?

    (if the answer is yes - from adverts) there are already a million other companies doing it.
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    Free hosting doesn't make money because the ad market sucks. Even with a Doubleclick contract you still don't make much. Unless some of you guy's have some nice fat ad contract or just like giving money away its not worth it. In saying that are your best bet the unlim usage means that if you get warez attack's it not to bad. There allso good if a member spams.

    But take it from me With 20k/day uniques ton of popups It barly covered the cost of a server and the huge amount of time needed to admin it was unbearable. It's fun for a project if you have alot of time to spare.

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    But you see may be he is having good business ideas. By the way what you want to do with free hosting business SHap3.

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    I see freehosting as a sunk business now a days. There are hosts that give free accounts with no ads. And there are people who just plain off REMOVE you ads. So I don't think its worth it. You need to offer more then free hosting. Such as

    Free Hosting with REAL ACCOUNTS.....Cpanel Control Panel, PHP,CGI Support, MYSQL DB, Sub Domains....ect ect


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    Mh... first of all, the free hosting isn't really for any kind of benefits...

    I personally run a couple of forums.... and people always complain that they can't find spaces to host their pictures, doc... etc...

    And I was thinking to write an online-upload system based on my forums' database... therefore, every members in the forum will have spaces to host their stuff. In other words, it's kind of an add-on for the forum... that was my idea...

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    try rackforce, the viper plan caps you and you never pay overages. ive only heard good things about their support as well - they are a good alternative to fdcservers et al.
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    We're actually looking at rackforce for something similar (We use them now for our paid sites too). ditto on the good service.

    we're looking at offering free sites to a targeted group of people so we can have a captive audience for our own marketing for certain ventures.
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