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    PerlDesk vs. DeskPro

    I wanted to get some input from folks who have tried both DeskPro and PerlDesk.

    I currently use PerlDesk, and it seems to be a little sluggish. I have close to 11,00 tickets in there, and growing steadily.

    I have heard that DeskPro will be much faster no matter how many tickets you have in there. Is that true? Any experiences?

    I am aware of the FREE ($70 without links) vs $800 ($1500+ without links) price difference, but might be willing to pay for a much quicker system.

    PerlDesk takes on average 30 secods to click on a ticket, and then close it (or reply to it, without using time to write an actual ticket). It might not seem like a lot, but for 11k tickets that's over 91 hours of waiting

    I looked at the DeskPro demo, and in there it does the same thing in less than 10 seconds, so that means it's about three times faster. But, they only have a handful of tickets in there. Anyone have thousands in their DeskPro?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess the question would also be: "price not being part of the equation, which one is better? (for tech support)"


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    But how many tickets does the deskpro system have in it might have a great effect on what the server actually has to do to process the request. I run PerlDesk with just under 1k tickets and it does the job for us fine but I am sure once you get up there where your at it would prob make a huge difference.. but I would assume no matter what ticket system you use with that many tickets there would be a lag in the system, maybe a server upgrade /w faster drives/memory would be the way to go.

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    I also imagine that with a large amount of tickets, Deskpro is a lot more resource friendly.
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    i just amde my own in PHP/MySql cant go wrong then

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    DeskPro hands down!
    I've been using it for a while now (since before it went public), and I haven't looked at anything else since.

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    can someone provide a link for deskpro?

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    Provide a link? is their site...

    Now as to perldesk vs. deskpro:

    Perldesk is an excellent entry product and does a good job with a moderate number of users and tickets. However, Deskpro is top of the line. It provides greater functionality, performance, and usability.

    You also could choose among some choices in between these two. I have heard good things about Kayako (, although I have not used it. I do like phpsupportdesk a great deal. ( I find that it provides a good bit of the additional advantages of Deskpro, but at closer to the cost of Perldesk.

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    Re: Provide a link?

    Originally posted by Incognito
    I do like phpsupportdesk a great deal. ( I find that it provides a good bit of the additional advantages of Deskpro, but at closer to the cost of Perldesk.
    That's the one we're looking at. I've had Kunal do a bit of scripting for development projects we've done for people and he's always been great. Very nice, clean code. I'd imagine the support desk is along the same lines. Nice looking script too.

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