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Thread: $5 logos!!

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    Arrow $5 logos!!

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    **Added Samples + Contact Info**

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    Re: $5 logos!!

    oops! accidently posted

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    Re: $5 logos!!

    Not to bash your or anything but...

    Originally posted by KaOtiC MiNd
    [B]I figure instead of having one $50 dollar customer, i could have 10 $5 dollar customers
    I'd rather have the one $50 dollar customer. lol, otherwise you do 10 times the work.

    *lol, I just saw your "oops i accdiently posted", you need to make up better excuses..

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    but one $50 dollar customer would want you to do it 10 times better!!

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    lol, what would i be making up excuses for?

    like my samples?

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    Now Now, lets be nice...

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    TemplateGuy, for some of those that posted to this thread *cough* it all depends on which hour of the day it is, as to their kindness. Some on this thread even try to belittle those whom they work with in public on such minute things, that its absurd.

    I suppose I should do as some of the more devout senior members do regarding that, and that's to simply ignore the pesky little bugger. *sighs*

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    but one $50 dollar customer would want you to do it 10 times better!!
    Don't be so sure, if I payed $5 or $50, I would still expect to get what I asked for, no matter the price difference and I'm sure there are plenty of people that feel the same way.

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    it shows why they are $5, no offense, but spend a bit longer on them and raise the price .. nobody wants those.
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    2 bad the site is down, i wanted to see them

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    think "used an online website text maker" and you'll get the gyst of it
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