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    Question how to transfer existing domain names to my new host?

    Hello, my friend was an adminstrator of our old website. He owns our old domain and was the webmaster. Now we are building a new site (he stopped working on the old one) on a new host, and I am wondering if he passes on the old domain, would I be able to use it on the new site on the new host, and if so, what is the process?

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    What do you mean by this?

    Did you want to have the old domain forward to the new one, or have 2 totally seperate sites for the domains?

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    If the domains are the same on both servers, all you have to do is switch the DNS from the old host to the DNS of the new host.

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    ahh domain name forwarding

    Thanks for the replies!

    Yes we have found a new host for the site, for poor old me can't afford to pay $9 per month like the old admin to keep a simple site up (old admin worked on other projects so his account on the old host has some expensive features that we don't need.)

    By forwarding the old domain to the new site, we can just have our old adminstrator change the DNS to link our new website's IP right? I will talk to him in awhile to make sure how the process works.

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