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    Need Hosting firm fast!!

    I am looking for a hosting firm that I can have about 25 clients with 25 domain names.

    unlimited email
    unlimited subdomains


    Please help the hosting firm I am with now is having issues and my clients are killing me

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    Are you looking for recommendations or for actual hosting companies to respond? Hosting companies cannot reply to requests here, only in the advertising forums.
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    that is silly!

    people come here looking for answers. let them advertise wherever... I mean what is the harm..?

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    Yes, I am looking for names of some good hosting firms!

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    It isnt silly, if everyone was allowed to advertise then a lot of people looking for recommendations wouldnt get proper recomendations.

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    If everyone were allowed to advertise to everyone looking for hosting trust me this place would be a mess and no one would ever want to bother going through all the rubbish to actually reply to a thread. Magicjohn I suggest you look in the shared hosting offers forum or post exactly what you need in the hosting requests forum and you should get a slew of good reponses from hosts.. good luck

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    Originally posted by magicjohn
    Yes, I am looking for names of some good hosting firms!
    Ok, what's your spec...
    Do you have a price range you're looking at?
    Do you have any plans for expansion?
    What sort of support are you expecting to need (any hand holding from time to time?or are you pretty independent and technically competent?)
    Do you have a preference for Control Panel (Exim, CPanel, etc...)?

    Either way given that we don't have that much info to go on here's a broad range, I'd suggest taking a peek at:
    - Hostit365
    - (
    - Voxtreme
    - Httpme

    I can vouch for and hostit365 personally as I've used and am still using them but my experience of the others through dealing with their staff, working for some of their clients, etc... has been a very positive one.

    Hope that helps.

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    I recommend I have no working or ex-working relationship with this company, but my friend owns it, and he's excellent to his customers.

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    httpme would get my business if I were in a similiar situation =)
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    Originally posted by Samuel
    httpme would get my business if I were in a similiar situation =)
    I totally agree. I like their unique business structure, and Aussie Bob seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

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