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    Question New at this please review our E-site

    I am new setting up a web site and need your feedback.

    Please review our site
    I am lookin for any feedback bad and good.
    load time
    easy of use

    I am setting up another site and don't want to make the same mistakes twice.


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    When I first saw the name of your site I thought, what a clever name for a woodworking store. Then I looked at it and noticed you sell jewelry? I see there are wood shelves, so that kind of ties in, but the name just didn't seem to fit the content to me. Anyway, on to the layout. The site looks fairly basic. I think the navigation and content management should be worked on to make it easier to use. Your top header is quite large and doesn't have any content except your logo, a sale notice and a corner graphic which is just there for appearance. You want the important stuff (the content, your products) up higher since that is your focus. Also, from my experience with e-commerce sites, the search function should be toward the top. A lot of people know what they're looking for and want to find it fast. The center content needs better organization. Text is all over, in different colors, some in bordered tables, some centered, some justified. Work on making it uniform and smooth. Right now it doesn't look very professional, and when selling jewelry, that is something that you need to exude.
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Agree with the above.

    Would also recommend you change the colour scheme - white background, black text, with some small gold graphics for titles.

    Or add subtleties, such a emerald green, saphirre blue, etc for header titles instead of gold.

    The current choice makes little sense, isn't aesthetically pleasing, and isn't as readable for potential customers as it should be.

    Also note - I've read that Visa/Mastercard won't allow their symbol to be displayed anywhere but on an order form. Worth checking.

    Still, you're the most part there - but it could do with some important tweaking to maximise your presentation.


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    what they said.

    also - i'd think twice about the table borders. try to find a way to present your material that lets you avoid them altogether, if possible - and if they must be used, make them less blatant. i believe this can be done via stylesheets, or you could do it like so:

    <table width="200" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
    <td bgcolor="#000000">
    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
    <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF">CONTENT STUFF HERE</td>

    obviously, you'll need to customize the table dimensions. i've found this to give a much cleaner look.

    one last word - try to avoid the multi-colored text everywhere. some red text is linked, some isn't - kind of confusing.

    ETA: a book i've found useful when considering design aspects is "web pages that suck" and "son of web pages that suck." (no, i'm not the author ) it's saved me from making a lot of mistakes that you wouldn't normally think about. good luck!

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