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    Question namecheap domain

    Alright,im having a problem that im hoping someone here can help me with.I recently purchased a dedicated server and havent been able to reach webmin control panel as of yet.I was told that just entering the Dns information i got from my dedicated server provider in the appropriate area on namecheap and waiting the 24-48 hours would do the trick.It seems to not be working though and im stumped as of what to do.The faq on my server providers site to access control panel is as follows:

    Server administration is available through (You'll need to provide a username and password to access your Webmin Control Panel).

    When i do this and pop in my domain i just get the dns unresolved error page as i have for over two days now.Can anyone give me a hand here.Never registered my own domain and im not quite sure if im configuring it right(obviously i cant be if it still isnt resolving right?)Thanks for your time and help in advance

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    You have a dedicated server on a shared IP?
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    its with unitedcolo.if by shared you mean shared with others/sites than no.if not then im not sure what you mean

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    You should be able to access webmin via your ip address. It is impossible to have shared ip's for dedicated servers as it causes network routing issues. Just go to http://iphere:10000 and you should be able to access it from there.

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    Wow,i tried that days ago but amazingly it wouldnt work.Dont ask me why it is now

    Thanks for replying chickensteak as your post made me try it just once more and i got in.Thanks alot

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