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    hosting Controller Software

    Im ccurrently looking for to buy the hosting controller sotfware for my webhosting comany. I have not played with it a whole lot, but can people tell me if it has any bugs, there option of it. And if its just a bad peace of software. If the case is that it is bad software please direct me to the right peace of software.

    Just for everyones info, we are currently use mailenable, and MS DNS, and IIS 5.0.

    Thanks for your help.

    feel free to email me or PM me.

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    As with any software there are bugs. We use this software (and have licenses availabile if you are wanting one for both 1.4.x and 2002) and our clients tend to love it. As long as you make sure that you do your security settings (as with any 2000 box) you should be fine.

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