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Thread: Yasc !!

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    Talking Yasc !!

    check out I just made a community for fun, and havn't bought a domain for it.

    YASC - yet another simple community ?

    What do you guys this about EXOC. let met know .. negative comments are appreciated too

    [ADD] - Sorry the url was wrong
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    I would suggest centering the forum, it looks awkward in the left corner.

    Also, the navigation menu table seems to be disaligned from the forum table.

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    not working

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    Thanks. I didn't checked it in 1024*768. I will solve it now..

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    I would change the font color for the top links (home, tutorials, etc). The orange on the light blue doesn't show up real well. I think it needs more contrast. I would say the same for the font color of the row with (forum, topics, replies, etc), but it's not important information that needs to be read, so that could probably be left alone.
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    Thumbs up

    Not bad! I like the color scheme a lot. I would suggest that you lower the amount of forums you have until your community grows enough to fill all those blank forums.
    Gary Peterson

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    Good idea!! i'll try to lower the amount of forums. I am getting members now. That was the first day of the community when i posted about it.

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