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    limestone for gameservers?

    Does anyone currently host servers through lsn? if so, how is their network. I'm looking at srcds servers specifically and their hardware will run it fine. Post your experience please

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    They are for gameservers (personal experience).

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    there servers are good, infact any server is good to run 1-3 srcds related games on it.

    but things you should note are:

    target audience. - no point going with a US company if ur a GSP in the UK for UK players only.

    budget - speaks for its self.

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    They are great for game servers. Good routing for most places.
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    They are excellent, we've used them as our main Dallas provider. Network is smooth and the prices are better then any other host i've seen (with coupon codes of course).
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    We are a gaming community and use them for our dedicated game server off of which we host many different games (CSS, BF2, TF2, etc).

    Their network has been on par with other providers and the hardware has been excellent. LSN is improving on a constant basis IMO.

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