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    Recommend a VOIP provider (preferably in North-East USA?)

    I'm looking for a SIP VOIP provider (preferably in the North-East USA, we're in Connecticut) for a small business.

    We've previously used VTWhite (downright awful customer service) and VoicePulse (pretty good, though overseas calls tended to be _very quiet_).

    It's an Asterisk box on a T1 connection.


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    Callcentric are based up there (NY I think) and I've found them pretty good.
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    What do you use for your inbound calls?

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    We are VoIP for both outbound and inbound calls, VoicePulse.

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    I've used callcentric to test out SIP software. I'd have say not bad price either.
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    We use junction networks and voicepulse. Never had a major problem with either.

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    We use nexvortex and have been quite happy with it. Have used it for well over a year. They have an unlimited inbound/outbound and per minute plans.

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