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    Installing FreeBSD for H*Sphere

    I would like to try H*Sphere, and their site says that no Unix knowledge is necessary, and they will install it for you. HOWEVER, I ran into this:

    8.6. What OS would you recommend for shared hosting?
    Definitely FreeBSD.

    9.4. Are there any special requirements for the FreeBSD installation?
    You need to include a userquota directive into the kernel configuration.

    So, does this mean that they will do this for me with installation, or does this mean that I need to install FreeBSD for them to be able to access my box, and that I need to find out how to "include a usequota directive into the kernel configuration" when I do it?

    In other words, do I have to install FreeBSD myself, and "compile the kernal" too, or can I just install it from a CD and be done with it?

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    You need to install FreeBSD and recompile the kernel with quota support. Not very difficult, look online and you'll find a good howto on that subject.

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