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    Question How are the looks and functionality?

    We just went live with our site last night and are wondering what kind of impression it's making. As you can imagine, we put a lot of work into it, but we are sure there are quite a few loose ends.

    Could you please give us your honest opinion? Any and all comments welcome. The URL:

    Thank you!
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    Simple but effective.

    2 things I'd recommend:

    1/ Logo [ie, not just text - you want the pixels softened ]
    2/ Pics of models sporting kinomos. Those pics look like iron-board covers. In fact, before the page fully loaded, that's what I thought they were. Placing the textiles on people helps push the imagination and inspire.

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    Thanks for the feedback, I Brian. It's very much appreciated.

    Regarding the logo, we are actively working on one. It's just that it wasn't ready by the time we went live. It may take another week or two, but we hope it will be worth it.

    I chuckled when I read "Those pics look like iron-board covers." I never looked at them that way! I agree some models wearing the items are a desireable thing and we've had that on our list of things to get for some time. We've just been busy with the web site itself. But the photographs are fairly standard for this type of item because these are usually unique items and it's not worth taking a model picture for every single one of them. Also, the majority of the people in the U.S. use them for decorating and as sources of material, so they want to see all the patterns, etc. They don't wear them.

    Again, thanks for the feedback!
    Fine Japanese Kimono Obi

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    No probs - my girlfriend sometimes makes clothes, so I appreciate models aren't everything. But perhaps try to give a full frontal 2-D view of the material, so that the entire pattern and colour can be seen effectively. Showing the textiles laid out reduces the ability to distinguish the patterns properly.

    And no probs - happy to help - if I do

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    Just out of curiosity... did you check the individual items? Most of them (maybe all?) have additional pictures you can view. You do this by clicking on the numbers next to "More Pictures:" on the product's page.


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    Nope - and like a lot of people, it's gotta be your first page that sells, or else people move on.

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    Btw - that was with reference to the pics on the homepage - maybe a mix of types of pic? Some modelled, some as 2-D sheet pics. Your call. I'm sure anyone seriously looking would give your site more attention than I've had time to do.

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    We will certainly consider that. Thanks!

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    Regarding the logo, we are actively working on one.
    With a nice logo/header that explains and sells the site more it should help to solve the "iron-board covers" situation.

    The site is nice and clean, but I think it could use a little more visual appeal. Imagery/graphics of Japanese culture would be affective.

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    Thanks for the comments!

    Yeah... we've been told about the Japanese visual thing before. I guess we need to work on that after the logo. The logo should begin adding to it, we hope.

    The word "obi" in "We specialize in exquisite silk Japanese kimono obi and wedding kimono" used to be a link to our FAQ, where we explain what an obi is. However, we changed it to regular text because of the search engines. The more "stuff" between the words "Japanese" and "obi", the lower the ranking in the search results for those words (we've verified this). Often, even a single word can set you back 5 or 6 spots in the results. Considering how much pay-per-click (PPC) is costing us, we really need to rank high in regular search engine results so we can stop depending so much on PPC.

    I know, excuses, excuses. I'm just explaining the madness behind the method. Maybe we can add a link some other way and still keep the ranking high.

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    Nice and simple. Need a store like header graphic.

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    That seems to be the consensus! Now, if the Japanese calligraphy artist could just get her work done a little bit faster...

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