Hi All.

We have encountered a problem in the past with the Site's Usage Statistics Packages. We used to have a package installed on our server but it caused us some problems such as extra pressure and load on the server and creating huge log files that we had to delete every while. Then we moved to using a free remotely hosted stats service.. and it went fine until the company stopped its free services!

Do you know any solution for this problem? A Stats package with good features that does not cause big load on the server and doesn't create huge log files? Do you know any package that allows us to download the stats in friendly formats (word, excel, html, etc)? If you don't.. can you please tell us what should we search for? I think that a MySQL based package will create lots of load.. what should I look for instead?

Do you know any good Free, Remotely Hosted Packages that support sites with high number of visitors?

Thanks in advance.