Dear WHT,

We have two slots left on our semi-dedicated server. This is a fully managed semi-dedicated server, offering you 15GB Space and 100GB transfer EACH on a server to be shared between a maximum of 5 people. Not only will this provide you with A LOT more space to play with than a conventional reseller account, but most importantly you will be able to create YOUR OWN RESELLERS (max 10) by deducting space allocated to you and assigning it to your resellers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your hosting offerings whilst also avoiding the pitfalls of attempting to manage your own server or buying a cheap "managed" server. We will UPGRADE HARDWARE FREE OF CHARGE as and when needed, we will NOT CHARGE FOR UNUSUAL SUPPORT HOURS, we will be AVAILABLE TO YOU 24/7 with our usual RESPONSE TIMES OF UNDER 15 MINUTES, we will UPGRADE SERVER SOFTWARE and ensure that the server always has the LATEST SECURITY PATCHES.

Feel free to visit our forums at and gather some current opinions of our customers.

Server specifications:

- Super fast P4 2.4GHz Processor
- 512MB RAM (will be upgraded FREE of charge to a max of 2048MB when needed)
- 80GB IDE Hard Drive
- 60GB IDE Backup Hard Drive

You would receive two free IPs, and any additional would be at just $0.75/mo.

Additional data-transfer would be at $3/gig. This is NON-COGENT bandwidth..

The total cost for this is just $50 setup and $125/mo.

If you require any further information please let us know.

Very best regards,

Jo Stonehouse