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    International Computer Concepts SPAM

    I posted this in this forum because these people are going after people who use servers... If it's the wrong place please move it. TIA

    On the ISP website I don't put the email addresses for sales or support as they are picked up by email seeking spiders. Instead I have a form to fill out that sends it to the appropriate place. At the top of the form I have:
    Do not send advertising,"opportunities","partnership" info, etc. to our sales and/or support departments. We have a very strict policy that we will not patronize ANY company that uses such methods of promotion. Using this form to send your SPAM will only ensure that your company will NOT be considered. If you wish to contact us regarding your product, server, or some type of "partnership", use the postal service. Our mailing address can be found at the bottom of the page. If you're thinking of doing it anyway because your offer is just "so great" we couldn't resist, don't bother... many have tried it, all have failed.

    Many do it anyway - can't stop them. I always reply with basically the same message: "Because you sent this, you're company WILL NOT be considered." Then I usually block them from sending us any more spam.

    Well I forgot to block someone yesterday - International Computer Concepts. I had sent them the simple message "We prefer to deal with companies that can read and comprehend." then copies the message from the form.

    They replied today. I won't bore you with all of it, but here's an interesting line:
    "Believe me, I read your statement and "comprehended" it before I sent the message....I guess "huked on foniks" wasn't such a waste afterall"

    So apparently this guy is just too arrogant to think rules apply to him.
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    Yeah man i have lost off filters on my personal email and i still get like 30 emails per day...

    Of company's that use Confirmation ( i can't block this word... If you get my point ?)

    I guess that's is a lack off care that Geoger Bush is having it the internet and the USA.

    All he whant's it's war and does not solve many imporntant problems.

    I think the Gov's have to put some kind'a off law that's ad's people have to put like (ADs) on the subjet our something like this...

    Will that block per domain this suckers from your biz.

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