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    MBSHost loves you =) (High Availability Shared Hosting)

    Mini shared accounts:

    MBSHost Student Web Hosting

    Full access to CPanel

    Free Hosting
    Your hosting account can be free. If you refer an account to MBSHost (Student Accounts Excluded) your account will remain free for the entire time your referral is a customer.

    Go to: MBSHost Buttons and grab the graphic for this year. Once you have referred an account, and they sign up with MBSHost your account is free as long as they are a customer, or you gain an MBSHost business account.(Applies to the student starter account.)

    Student Account Schedule

    Starter Account
    50 Megabytes of space
    1000 Megabytes of transfer a month
    $40.00 A YEAR

    Growth Account
    75 Megabytes of space
    2000 Megabytes of transfer a month
    $55.00 A YEAR

    Advanced Account
    100 Megabytes of space
    3000 Megabytes of transfer a month
    $100.00 A YEAR

    *Free Setup applies to accounts that do not need a domain name or dedicated server accounts.

    Terms of Service - Send a blank e-mail to [email protected]
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