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    [USA/Los Angeles] Great Connections to China or Asia and the USA! $79

    Hi WHT,

    We currently have two more Pentium 4 servers that we are offering for service.

    We recently just upgraded our Los Angeles facility with new providers, Level 3, Savvis, Telia, Global Crossing, Comcast and China Telecom.

    Our network is the perfect blend of providers that will enhance any application you wish to run.

    Here are the specs of the servers:

    Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
    1GB RAM
    80GB HD
    1500GB/month over 10mbps
    /29 IP Space
    Click Here to order

    Upgrades and addons:
    Remote Reboot access: $5.00/month
    Bandwidth Graph: $5.00/month
    KVM over IP: $25.00/month + $40.00/setup
    2GB RAM: $10.00/month
    250GB Hard Drive: $5.00/month
    500GB Hard Drive: $10.00/month
    /24, /25, /26, /27, /28 IP configurations available!

    We also have Core2Duo to Dual Quad Xeon servers available, email us for a quote.

    If you have any questions please contact us:

    sales .at.

    or via AIM: kevworkskev
    or via MSN: kev .at. (please use @ sign)

    Managed Virtual and Dedicated Servers Los Angeles - KEVWORKS
    Now with Level(3), Mzima, Telia, Global Crossing and Bandon

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    pls pm test ip,thanks

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