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    Hello, we've just launched our latest site. I believe this one is the 4th (or 5th or 6th?) since 1999.

    Any feedback is appreciated!!
    Kenneth R Taylor
    Inet7 Internet Serivces
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    Not pointing fingers or anything, but have I seen that logo before? It revives some of the untouched RNA's in that little brain of mine... could just be bad memory though.

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    I doubt it. We've had the same logo for 3 years... Let me know if you see one like it....I'll give them a hollar.
    Kenneth R Taylor
    Inet7 Internet Serivces
    Web & Application Hosting Services

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    Looks nice and clean and professional. Maybe info delivery could be quicker - I shouldn't really have to click through 3 links just to find pricing options. Do be aware - you could be losing customers with every link you make them jump through.

    Hosting prices are a little high, as well.

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    about the logo - it's pretty common to see some combination of the old "arc and globe" pattern (for tech companies especially). i confess i've used it myself, but only when asked for it.

    from an aesthetic standpoint, i thought it looked really good - i liked the color scheme used.

    ETA: i just found out why the logo looked familiar to someone earlier. there's a company called "DSM" that advertises via ad banner on this site; they use that same logo, rotated ninety degrees.
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    Yep, very common logo combination, because it works and is pretty easy to create.

    I like the site, might be worth making your navigation a little bigger.. nothing stands out saying "click me"
    Matt Wallis
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    I thought it looked good. Nice, clean and elegant. I didn't like the looping flash however. It might look better if the "learn more" links were lined up evenly.

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    The site really gives off a good vibe of professionalism, and it is a very clean design that works well. One thing I noticed was the professionals and enterprise images are scaled a bit low, and make the text distorted. Looks great other than that.
    Gary Peterson

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