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    the word Unlimited alarms me, please help on these [Unlimited] terms

    Hi everyone

    Since I was tricked into Hostonce for its claim of "unlimited bandwitch", I am now allergy to the word unlimited, since too much good things cannot be true!

    So, are any of the below services realistic?
    ulimited sub domains
    ulimited domains
    ulimited mysql dbs
    ulimited mailing addreses
    Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts

    I thought some companies require others to pay for sub domains if the number exceeds 3-5, so I wasn't so sure about the validity of unlimited sub domains, and unlimited MySQL DB?

    So far I am leaning toward Gigabean [], with the service:

    Monthly $5.36
    Disk Space 100Mb
    Bandwidth Allowance 2GB
    5 Sub-Domains
    5 Domain Parking
    5 Add-on Domains
    Anonymous FTP
    CPanel 5 Control Panel
    Search Engine Submissions Tool
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    24X7 FTP Access
    15 POP3/Autoresponder Accounts
    ..... (more additional services)

    and also R2HOST's offer:

    500MB and 5GB bandwidth/transfer only $3.33/mo
    Your account features:
    Disk Space 500 MB
    Ensim Contol Panel!
    Data Transfer/Bandwidth 5 GB/mo.
    Sub-Domains Unlimited
    Domains Pointers Unlimited
    SMTP/POP Servers, POP3/IMAP Mailboxes
    Email Addresses Unlimited
    FTP Accounts Unlimited
    24 X 7 FTP Account
    Perl/modPerl/CGI-bin/Python Support
    Server Side Includes(SSI)
    FrontPage Extensions
    MySQL Database 3.23.41(with phpmyadmin)
    Detailed web stats & Access to Raw Log Files
    SSL (Secure Server)
    (more additional services)

    or Unlimited Hosting:
    150MB Space
    1GB Bandwidth
    $3/Month or $30/Year
    Ensim Control Panel
    Red Hat Linux 7.2
    PHP 4.2.3
    Cold Fusion CFM Support with Multiple DSNs
    Full ASP Support via Sun Chili!Soft ASP
    JSP Support (Via Tomcat)
    FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    MySQL 3.23.52
    Unlimited Domain Hosting
    Unlimited Subdomains
    POP3 E-Mail
    SMTP Server

    many great deals and I was overwhelmed! Now time to compare and deicde which one to go for

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    ulimited sub domains - yes
    ulimited domains - i've never actually come accross that before, but i'd give it a 'yes'
    ulimited mysql dbs - uhm, no
    ulimited mailing addreses - yes
    Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts - yes

    If you look at the TOS you'll probably see that the 'unlimited' is bounded by your disk quoata etc; so they're only "unlimited" artificially. Unlike unlimited bandwidth, where there is literally no end to usage.

    At least thats how I look at it
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    Really? so your saying I could create 100,000,000 and kill the DNS server? how much diskspace would another sub domain take up?
    Walter Landman
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    pretty much We used to have unlimited e-mail fowarders,and aliases for example till I started to think it was a bit hypocritical pounding away on the 'U' word hosts. They got changed to 1000 instead.

    Splash Host used to have unlimited domains, but Alan changed that to a realistic number (I believe they still use a real number).

    I agree there's a bit of a double standard. It's not totally unjustified given the difference between subdomains, and transfer, but I personally tend to fall on the side of not using it at all.

    Greg Moore
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    Originally posted by akashik
    (I believe they still use a real number)
    As opposed to an....imaginary number?

    Realistically, the word "unlimited" just cannot be. Think about it in real terms: You cannot have unlimited this or just can't. In response, many "unlimited" web hosts would say that no one will ever use more resources than their servers can handle. Whatever their response is, having the word "unlimited" in a business plan sort of contradicts the whole idea of a business plan.
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    wlandman, a subdomain well take up as much space as you allow, With repect to your allocated disk space.

    And to you, weekendadmin. I think that yyou should look around the web for the most suitable host, who will meet your needs. dont be side tracked to the infamous "unlimted" term. Unlimited is limited to your space and whatnot. Tary checking out and Also, when finding you a reselling package do some math crunching to amke sure it is a good deal, and not some fly by night rush.

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    ulimited sub domains
    ulimited domains
    ulimited mysql dbs
    ulimited mailing addreses
    Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts

    These are all realistic, however the use of the word unlimited might not be suitable and we might as well say..."have as many as you can fit in your account", but that's just too many words.

    Basically everything is limited by your accounts disk space and transfer anyways, so stating "unlimited mysql databases" is although not entirely correct the root of the meaning is there. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    Thanks all for your help, I now have a better understanding at these things

    great advice image1, I am currently looking at those sites and going to compare their deals with the offers I've gotten so far.

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    I would say yes to all of those as long as you remember that you are still limited by disk space/bandwidth. Some hosts will put a limit on these things but what if host offers 4 SQL dbases and you need 5? The host lost the sale and you are forced to look some more. As far as host concern they don't really care how many sql or e-mail accounts you have, they are not a cost drivers, space and bandwidth are. So, many hosts put either unlimited or a really high number for those items. As long as you aware that all these things count against your bandwidth and space allotment I would not be alarmed by the word unlimited when it comes to these features.

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