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    Certihost , any info about 3US$ / 10 Gig bandwidth plan ?

    Any Info about ?

    They have 3US$ plan with 10 Gig bandwidth

    I saw some bad reviews searching the forums, but nothing very new.

    I do not need a very fast server, but at least a better speed comparing with a free host like that offers MySQL and Php.
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    Their pricing is really low for the amount of bandwidth your are getting, so they might be slacking off in other areas to make up for customer service/support.

    Why don't you try sending some emails to sales/support and see what the response is like?

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    i once hv an account with certihost.

    If you don't mind waiting 4 weeks for a support reply and don't mind experiencing frequent downtimes, then it is a very cheap plan to sign up.

    Even after i cancelled my account with them, they still send me the automated monthly billing email for the last 6 months.... amazing.

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