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    Arrow How old is yours and did you do it anyway?

    What am i on about you mught be thinking. Well here it is short and sweet.

    My host will soon be 4 years oldso;

    How old is your web hosting company and why did you set up a company anyway?

    don't the market is over saturated at the minute, just an extra ?

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    We've been open for a little more than 2 years. Why did we start? - I saw an ad for a reseller account and it interested me so I did some research and decided to go for it.

    - Mike

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    about two and a half years now. I was hosted at ADDR, and figured it couldn't be harder to do a lot better.

    Changed hosts, became a reseller, and now we run our own servers. So in an odd way I guess I can thank poor service for giving me a good job

    Greg Moore
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    Over 3 Years now.
    Started off buying space from other host for hosting own sites , corporate mails of group sites .
    Eventually evolved as full fledged activity and seperate company and we have own servers now.

    Why am i doing it , for my bread and butter , and cheeze and jam ofcourse


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    18 months and going

    I don't know why I started, I must have been insane. Seriously though, there weren't any local companies that were offering reasonable rates on their services. Most were charging $50+ set up fees and $49 a month for 25MB of space and about 2GB of bandwidth - not including what we would call the basics like FTP access. I wanted to make web hosting something that was affordable to domain owners in my area.

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    Well mine is like a few years old not sure exactly. But you will never see mine. Its a private one i do for friends and family. I dont acually make any money off it but just do it as a hobby. I started when i had alot of friends all paying high prices for webhosting and i figured i could do it for them for very low cost. So i started and charged them what it cost me to run it. Im acually thinking of going a little public soon just to make some extra cash on my gaming site but not very sure if i want to or not.

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    Re: How old is yours and did you do it anyway?

    Originally posted by Londo
    How old is your web hosting company and why did you set up a company anyway?
    4 years and 4 days.

    We rolled on from a parttime hardware business on the side of my Army job, into a dialup ISP, and then into hosting and development. Reselling for 2 years and then onto our own servers. We've seen a lot come and go, and have thoroughly enjoyed the show.


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