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    how 2 auto resize iframe ?

    I use iframe for the output of my perl/cgi script. The output can be larger or smaller than the original setting. so, I set auto for scrolling function. but then, it does'nt look nice.

    is there anyway I can set the output to be auto resize ?

    or is there any other way to execute perl/cgi in .html other than using iframe ( but not ssi bec. i need to pass some perimeters ) ?

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    Yes set in .htaccess all .html (or just that specific file) to execute as CGI.

    May I ask why you are using .html when you could just use a single .cgi script

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    I have a cgi script that reads quotes from a flat file. The script will display one quote randomly when it is opened. So, I want to integrate the quote into my index.html.

    BTW, can you explain more about the .htacess ?

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    anybody ?

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    Just specify .html alongside .cgi in the line that defines handlers in httpd.conf.
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