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    ~!~!~!Game website for SALE~!~!~!

    Hi, I wonder does anyone in here intrested buying a game website for $450. That website has baout 1000 unique visits a day. I am selling it because I am tried to running websites. If you are intrested, please Pm me. Thanks.

    I want to sell this website asap. You 100% can make money from this website.
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    the forum is not included

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    LOL, so you will sell the site with no members eh.

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    Argh, pop ups.

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    no member?
    the website has 2089 members...
    I can remove the popups.
    most income come from banner at top.

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    phpnuke...hmm...pop ups make your site look horrible!!!
    -Robert Norton

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    why do you say phpnuke?
    dont like it? I really want to sell this asap.
    If you are intrested, I can lower he price a bit.
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    Mail Sent...

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    I didn't make any deal with anyone yet, so if you are intrested, pm me.

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