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    i want vps with this option, any help

    i want a vps or dds
    allow IRC
    in the EU
    bellow 50 euro
    more than 2 giga rams
    i want omething like this

    any recommendtion


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    thx nyunyu but i want recommendatons

    by the way i want it unmanaged

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    there is no one reply

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    web hosting provider are not allowed to quote their plan or prices here. You can find that in the rules.

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    Have you looked in the VPS offers forum? You might find the host there that may suit your needs.
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    i dont want a quotes , i only need sites that knows as good providrs i will check, as u have more experience with this issue

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    Check out vps offers here and then use the search feature to look up reviews.

    Personally I have a vps with Ubiquity and are very happy with it.

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    Give Future Hosting a yell. Maybe they can fix you up with something.

    But the 2 gigs of ramm might be a sticky spot. Your memory requirements for a VPS is kinda high. Why not go ahead and get an entry level dedicated server?

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    Well 2GB of ram although possible in a VPS environment, you are probably going to have to pay quite a bit for it, unmanaged or not. I'd say if you really need anywhere clear to 2GB of ram, you're looking at paying at least $60 or more even from an unmanaged provider. Scale your ram usage back a little bit and I am sure you can get it right around the $60 mark.

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    The RAM is one thing, finding one that allows IRC servers will be even harder.

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    yea i want the high rams to the webchat for the irc
    its rquire high rams

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