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    * Where the Community Meets...

    Hi guys!

    Have you heard about that?
    Does anybody going to be there?

    Btw where the parties will be for service networks?
    Anyway it's better to meet people there, than at booths

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    First time

    Heard that Hostopia is planning something cool! I'm curious to see if other people are traveling for this? I"m coming from the Austin area and know a couple of hosting colleagues are going, also.

    Should be fun - What ARE the parties!!!
    Never been to San Jose, is it cool?

    Soon to be something hosting

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    I'm so sad that I'm not in US. I have looked at this site: nice place to meet!!!
    Show, parties.
    I like it so much...

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    Sounds good.
    what Hosting Software companies are going to be on show?
    I would like to compare control panels right there.
    And visit the seminars of cause

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