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    domain registration payment?

    I made the mistake of registering my domain name from the web host 2 months ago(?!?). They used The host firm had several economical problems during the period and was "closed" so I had to change it 2 weeks ago. Onlinenic agrees to change the nameserver information but says that the hosting firm has charged back the payment of my domain a month ago. They are now asking me to pay the fee again..

    Isn't there any way to prove that is not deceiving me?

    thanks in advance.

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    Not really. They are the one who holds their payment record. Unless you can find your former host, and verify that with them, you will just have to trust


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    OnlineNic may be slow and have problem, but I've not heard that they were dishonest. It's easier to belive that the "closed" host charged back the amount as they said.

    Bad luck, but at least you get to keep your domain - some hosts took those to.

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