I am now offering download/image hosting to eat up unused bandwidth on my server, no PHP, CGI, or shell access etc... . Each account comes with 50MB disk space, CPanel (for stats and file management), and 1 email account.

$10/month - 11GB transfer ($0.91/gig)
$15/month - 17GB transfer ($0.88/gig)
$20/month - 24GB transfer ($0.83/gig)
$25/month - 32GB transfer ($0.78/gig)
$30/month - 41GB transfer ($0.73/gig)
$35/month - 50GB transfer ($0.70/gig)

You may not host warez files or adult content on this server. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for spamming. If your account goes over the bandwidth limit, it will be disabled, until you purchase an "overage" block of bandwidth from us. Overage blocks are charged at $0.15/gig more than your initial plan (overage block must be paid for before account is enabled again).

One single account may do NO MORE THAN 80GB of transfer per month.

Payments are accepted through PayPal. Offer is available in limited quantities. Please email [email protected] for payment information or for more details.

IP Address to ping/traceroute:
Account can be set up as a domain, subdomain, or a subdomain of our server address.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to accept United States and Canadian clients only.