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    New Hosting Templates For sale !!!!

    I have added 15 new hosting templates of great quality and price on :

    hope you like them

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    Nice template you have there. Do you offer a buyout on the ones that haven't been sold previously?

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    actually i'm thinking of making something of a promotion but that would take time to design i'm not sure how to implement it into the site at the moment .
    Like : offers 50% off (is somethin my coder should check) so in the future i will make a section for those templates

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    these templates get sold multiple times?
    -Robert Norton

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    actually thats the meaning of templates
    i wouldn't make those designs for 30$ to sell them once then they would cost alot more.

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    Thats not the definition of a template. A template is a skin/theme for a site without any content or subpages.

    You can charge $100,$150 , or more for your templates and make them unique, only sold once. I dont think anyone here wants a theme that may be used 20 times by someone else, let alone one other person.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.
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    That would actually be neat to see. Maybe a buy option for unique... if someone purchases just a normal donwload, then the unqiue icon would disappear!?

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    Your thoughts are true Jag

    A template is a skin.
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    those are very very nice templates. easily worth at least $200 each on wht or over $300 in the rest of the world =]
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