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    Game hosting

    I'm just curious if anyone would be interested if I were to offer game server hosting.

    My offer would be $3.75/mo per player slot; ftp/ssh access with a $20 setup fee. By request I'll install the game software myself, otherwise I'll allow the user to upload what they wish.

    The server is a P4 2.0Ghz with 1.5Gb ram, running on a burstable 100mbit connection. I will not be charging bandwidth but I would ask to keep the rates set to 10000.

    I'd accept payment via paypal subscriptions, I would just need to update and secure the server before offering this service; which is why I'd like to see if anyone would be interested before I set up the server for this application. Feel free to reply or PM me.


    I should add that I'll be happy to help configure/run/manage any server on the system. At no extra charge I'll be more than happy to offer complete management to your server including restarting the server if it crashes or fails in some way. I will do any management of servers by request, otherwise users are free to run and manage their servers on their own.


    I've allocated all current server resources to users already. If anyone is still interested in this offer contact me and I can possibly get more servers running.
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