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    Can I delete these /tmp files???


    Recently, I played around with the backup/restore solution that Cobalt
    has pre-installed..... I know it is CRAP, but I just wanted to see what
    would happen if I backed up and tried to restore a site....then I am
    fully aware of what I would be dealing with if a client ever did this
    on their own.....

    I backed up a site that is about 2 MB in total size......then tried to
    restore it. So anyway, the backup process worked fine......but when I
    tried to restore, it went on and on forever.....

    When the restore didn't work, I figured okay.....I played, now I am
    done. Wrong.....

    The /home/tmp folder has three files in it now that are HUGE in size!!!

    Can I delete them without any worries???

    The files are:

    restore-files-bad.11777 (1892486939)
    restore-files-bad.7782 (1943977421)
    _site_20021023-0949.raq (7873180)

    Any insight is appreciated...

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    Anything in tmp can be removed. Just remember if you have MySQL setup and it stores the mysql.sock file in there you'll need to restart MySQL if u removed it, But everything in that directory is okay to delete.

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    Thanks! Just wanted to double check before I went and started deleting files.....

    I figured I could, but my thoughts have come back to bit me in the a$$ in the future because of stuff I deleted....

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