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    External CPanel license installed over Ensim

    I need quotes on an External CPanel license to be installed (by the provider) over an Ensim control panel. I tried contacting one of the "big name/low cost" external providers, but have had no response to my pre-sales questions.

    The only real questions I have are:

    1. Price
    2. Ability to install over Ensim (there are NO accounts on this server)
    3. How quickly it can be done (Need CPanel up ASAP)

    Please let me see your quotes, please respond here and not by PM unless it's a special quote.

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    recieved very good response via PM. Thread can be closed.

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    what kind of deal did you get? I just got a new server and i'm also looking for a Cpanel license.
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    Installing over ensim is not a good idea (trust me) there was a script at the how to section (rackshack) that uninstalls ensim .

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    I got the CPanel license for $60 per month and the install for $15 from

    Darth: the newest CPanel builds include brand new support for getting rid of the troublesome pieces of Ensim left over after installing over it

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