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    * Reseller's - FREE Trial Account

    Tired of getting poor service? We are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

    We would like to offer any prospective resellers a 1 month FREE trial account.

    With this special offer we will not bill a penny for the first 30 days. If you are not happy with our service, cancel your account and you will never be billed!

    To take advantage of this special offer enter the following in the comments section our bulk reseller order form. "Free 30 Day trial".

    This offer is valid for our Bulk Reseller Plans only!

    - Unlimited* domains, email etc.
    - $49.99 month, 4GB Space
    - Add sites in real time, anytime
    - Add Optional Windows 2000 Sites

    We have additional info. at:

    * All items listed as "Unlimited" including but not limited to domains, email, databases are not restricted by a physical number but will require the purchase of additional system resources when these system resource limits are reached.

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    Is it VPS or shared hosting plan.

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    It's not a VPS, It's a Plesk reseller account.

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    50$ for 20 GB bandwidth ?
    a month of free hosting for spammers perhaps ...
    Laurent J.V. Dubois
    Your French Business Partner

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    I guess you did not read our TOS.

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    We also include 4GB of disk space...

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