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    We need someone to update PSD and reslice

    <<<<Done >>> If you still want to send info thats fine but we think we found what we want. Thanks WHT

    Hi we are looking for a Professional that can take a current PSD file, changes colors as needed, maybe change an image file every once in a while, and reslice it to the same as our html layout.

    This is not a one time deal this could be 1 a month or 20 a month. It depends on what the clients want. We have the PSD's, the company we get them from sell us them to do what we want. We do not resell the templates we use the templates to build affordable websites. More and more customers are asking for minor little color changes and instead of making them stick with what the basics are we want to bump the price a few $$ and give them what they want.

    You must be able to slice properly and follow instructions very closely and work fast.

    Please PM me for more info, questions and please include a basic cost to do this. I know this will vary but an idea will be nice.
    Please include your portfolio..

    I know there are several people on here that can handle this.

    I will want to talk to you on the phone before doing business. sorry I like to know who I am dealing with.


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