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    Question how 2 provide remote scripts service ?

    how should I go about it ?

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    san diego
    you might want to elaborate on what you are trying to do. this question is very vague

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    sorry for that.

    well what I want to do are :
    - put some perl/cgi scripts on my site
    - these scripts can be executed by others from within their web page ( remote cgi )
    - some scripts required users to register first
    - some scripts have perimeters to be set up first
    - count the number each script being executed and by whom
    - just like etc.

    I also want to know is there any possible income for this kind of service.

    I think that's all for the time being.

    Hopefully, you can help me.


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    anybody ?

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    You can offer script just like you would normally. Your users can then either link directly to the script, or use a frame to contain the output of your script.

    If you want your users to have a user account, etc... - have your script check for the referrer of the page, and only provide service if the referrer is coming from a known host (you would get this from a registration database). Alternatively, you can set up your script to be invoked through a sub-directory, e.g., and have the script check for the later part of the URL to figure out the user account.

    I have no idea what kind of income you can generate. However, this would certainly depends on the quality of your script(s) and the level of competition.


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