Hello all,

A customer changed his mind about leasing this server and now its already getting shipped to the Datacenter.

1.2Ghz Pentium Celeron (Based on P3 Specs)
512 Ram (2x256 Kingston)
40 Gig hdd Segate (7200)
1u mount
100 bandwidth Multi Homed. ( Internap, UUnet, Verio etc no cognet)
5 Usable Ips
Cpanel 5

All this for $190 monthly (2 months min contract)
The customer also paid most of the setup fee exept $50

We will reduce this to $20

If you would like this Server on an APC reboot port it will cost an extra $7 Monthly

Extra bandwidth in blocks of 50gig for $45

A small snip example trace from my current location:


Server is in 56 Marietta. you can ping this.

Email me or post here if you have any questions etc [email protected]

I have only one at the moment at this price..

Sorry if the post is not clear its past my bed time

Kind regards