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    Webfusion question

    I am looking for a PHP and ASP hoster with a variety of features, mainly that I want to host multiple sites with multiple domains on the same virtual server.

    I came accross Webfusion (part of Hosteurope) and for 19.99 a month they offer a very good package,

    10gb transfer
    10 mySQL DBs
    1000 pop3
    25 ftp accounts
    500 subdomains
    1gig of space

    And via e-mail conversation with them I have found that I will be able to add DNS entries for multiple domains from the control panel to go to sub-dirs on the virtual server.

    This is perfect for me, but I have seen some people putting down Hosteurope.
    Is there another hoster out there that offers similar, or are Webfusion/Hosteurope actually not all that bad?

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    Webfusion/Hosteurope is actually very good

    I have had past experience with them and I have nothing but good things to say about them

    Remember, They have a lot of customers and not many/if any visit this forum
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