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    Reliable registrars ?

    I have a question. Up until a year ago i used primarily which charges $35 per year for domain registrations.. i sometimes use which charges $15 a year for registrations.

    I haven't noticed any difference in service (of course i only use their registration service and nothing else)..

    What other alternatives are there to register your domain ? are there good reliable places for under $15 a year ? or for more with interesting features ?

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  3. #3 - i was FINALLY able to transfer a domain name from netsol after trying for a year and lots of paperwork. At it too ONE try!
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    OpenSRS resellers like are also good if the domain is important (like if it's beeing used for nameservers etc.). They're $13.50 a year, which is more than Enom will set you back.

    For general usage (just for sites) I'd say Enom, as they're cheap, reliable and offer a lot of value for money.

  5. #5 . They are awesome.
    Stupid, but trying.

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    I like GoDaddy because they're cheap and realiable. Never had any problems in over 2 years I've used them.

    I also like a lot. You can register through their partner Namesdirect for $14.95 and then you get ton of free great features from Mydomain like email forwarding, subdomain creation, and DNS management all free. My last couple domains I used GoDaddy then just entered DNS info so I could use their free features.



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    Can't say enough good things about 000domains, cost a little more but for me worth it

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    I have to agree with Scott. I have about 40 domains at, and every renewal that comes up I transfer domains to that registrar. It doesn't have the lowest prices, but sometimes it is worth paying more. I figure if I want to see this registrar survive for years to come, spending a couple extra dollars there is a small price to pay. Its very easy to transfer ownership of domains there too, which is great when your selling off some domains.

    Btw, I have transferred domains from to, and it takes just a few days. I never had any problems with transfers between them.


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    personally i think is the cheapest because its only $9 a year. so yeah its cool

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