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    Post Templates Open For Bid


    Just a few templates for sale, I'm opening up for bid. If interested, just bid what they are worth to you, if you don't mind. I've had quite a few offers for the first one, but decided not to sell it last week. Several people just wanted a site license, to keep the price down, while others wanted exclusive rights to the design, so I was undecided about how I wanted to do this.

    Anyway, I have 3 buyers at the moment, but I'm opening these up again to see what copyright terms people prefer, and what would be considered a fair price.





    I presently have offers on the first two, none on the 3rd one, and I just finished the 4th one last night, so this is its debut. After the first one, I decided to just do the headers. Then, I can customize the body to the buyers specifications, or as in one case, there is someone who just wants to buy a header by itself.

    If anyone is interested, please don't pm or email me, but post to this thread. I wrote individual responses to about 15 people last week, so I prefer to answer all inquiries, if any, in one spot this time.



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    $40 for #1, non-exclusive license.

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    80 dollars for #1 exclusive rights (you dont get to resell it, it becomes MINE!.. its no longer your business what I do with it once you sell it to me.. thats what exclusive rights mean to me). Some designers want to sell their work, but yet dont want to sell it. GET REAL!

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