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    Question Verifying orders

    So what do you do to verify orders?

    I've learned to do the zip/address verification at,
    I do a phone number pre-fix lookupp with AT&T and i do a referral & email IP address lookup in

    So far that has helped out alot, but still a fair amount of work just to make sure the customer isn't lying.

    Soon we will be moving to a credit card system with pre-auth verification to make it easier on us, do most people still skip out on the process to save cash and do it manually or??? I know some places can charge huge fees for "card scrubbing"

    got any hints/tips?

    I do pickup the ol' phone for orders that look really odd, but just wondering what processes other people use.


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    doesn't your cc processor also verify orders?

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    On larger International orders (Especially from the high fraud contries) we normally will request a copy of the front and back of credit card, and will call to verify the phone # they gave also.

    With US orders, we require the CVV2 info and only ship to the billing addy on the credit card, if that info doesn't verify OK, the card is declined. That usually weeds out any bad apples before they start to blossom.

    Best of luck,

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    ship what?
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    Minor typo, that should of read "ship to" instead of just "ship". Ship what? See sig....

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