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    How to stop infinite looped cmd.exe

    WARNING: DO NOT CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK (explaination below)...

    It's not a picture. What it does is, it runs your cmd.exe in an infinite loop, Windows users will have multiple Command Prompts running until the system runs out of memory, or crashes the computer.

    Pop up stoppers WILL NOT detect this since it is not a browser window. I was using XP at the time I fell for this trick, what I did was press WindowsKey+L to log out after noticing that Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break did not work.

    So any other ways to get around this annoying trick? If I was on a Mac or was using Linux, I wouldn't have seen anything.

    Well, you can click on the link now if you want, I just thought I post this for some people so that they know of such tricks and possibly some more ways to break out of it... If you're going to click on the link, don't blame me if your computer crashes, and don't tell me that I didn't warn you about it cause I did.

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    heh....that was cool....heh
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    It isn't an infinite loop. From the page source, it is 15 copies of this vbscript:
    for a=1 to 800
    document.write("<iframe src=" + chr(34) + "telnet://" + chr(34) + ">")

    Your browser chooses to handle "telnet://" by launching a telnet application which runs in a cmd window. Here's some ways to solve your problem:

    1. Run your browser with vbscript/javascript disabled.

    2. Configure your browser to handle "telnet://" differently. The registry key "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\telnet\shell\open\command" contains "rundll32.exe url.dll,TelnetProtocolHandler %l" on my machine. Editing that changes how "telnet://" is handled.

    3. Run a different browser.

    4. Use task manager to kill your browser, then go clean up all the telnet windows.

    Strangely, the IE security setting on running programs in an IFrame, which would seem to be exactly on point, didn't help me.

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