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    Chattist: New Live Chat Support Software


    We've launched our new live support software "Chattist". It's a simple but effective application that would allow you to chat with your customers live.

    Chattist is an actual software application that is installed on the Operator's computer to engage in chat. The admin or head operator is the only one who will have access to the company admin features of the Chattist Application, where you can add new operators, update your company schedule, image buttons, skins, chat logs etc.

    There is nothing to install from your client's end. They simply click on the live help button and if one of your operator's are online, then a chat is initiated. If no operators are online, it will display an offline image and if clicked, it will display your current chat schedule, along with a simple form for them to email their question or comment. This would be emailed to your email address. Your operators can be divided into as many departments as you'll like such as support, billing or sales.

    For a complete list of features please go here:

    Chattist pricing starts at $9.95/month if the application is actually being run off our servers OR you can have the application run off your servers starting at $89 for one year license. Each price includes full support. Chattist is simple and easy to install on your servers as you simply fill out the required information after running the install file, and it automatically sets up your Company Admin panel based on the information you inputted.

    For detailed pricing please go here:

    Installing the Operator Application on your computer takes a mere 2 minutes or less, and is very easy to use. Whether you decide to use Chattist through our servers, or on your own servers, one thing is for certain, it can boost your level of customer service, and the price of our software is very competitive. You can try Chattist off our servers for a full 15 days free of charge. After or during your 15 day trial, you can order Chattist either through our month to month service which allows us to host the application for you OR you can purchase a one year license which allows Chattist to run off your servers. The option for a lifetime license is also available.

    To order please go to :

    Please forward all questions through email to [email protected] and someone will get back to your promptly. For fastest answers to your questions, please email and not post on the board, as our email box is checked often, and we are not always checking WHT.


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    Looks okay and I like the schedule listing but what if you want to send people to your ticket desk and not just have them fill out the form. Emails like that are hard to manage so the option to have them click a link to go to the support desk would be a needed option. Only a suggestion but if no one it one line it should show the schedule and then have the link to open to a normal full browser window at the companies support desk.

    My 2 cents.

    I hope you guys are open to suggestions.

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