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    how do phpManager, ModernBill... work?

    I know that 2checkout can allow us to create a link there, let customer to buy from our website by click the link.

    My question is do the above software works the same way? and how it really works, what i mean here is after i purchase the software, i no need to register with any others merchant account or i still need.

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    You can use 2CheckOut with both PHPManager and ModernBill.
    You wont need another account.

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    Let say i will use phpmanager as my billing system, i only have a reseller account on a server with particular company(CPanel 5.0), can i have phpmanager work on my type of account? and phpmanager do support auto create account, can i do that?

    what i worry about is i have no admin access to the server to create an account.

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    PHPManager will autocreate accounts in WHM, which you may have if you're a reseller. Otherwise you can just create them manually.

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