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    Question Offer !!?

    i just received an offer from and i found this part in their best offer:

    after compaign features they wrote:

    Estimated Clicks/Visitors per Month: 425 leads
    Estimated Cost per Click: $2.35 per lead

    just wonder is that good to pay $2.35/click?
    do i have to be happy and sign-up for $2.35/click advertising ?

    i'm really asking !?

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    thats crazy. then again, you would pay more at overture. imho, still not worth it, unless your first page has *really* good conversion ratios.

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    What are they offering these on? creative size, or text link's, etc..?


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    1,449 I heard was giving back a good ROI? I've heard people getting their money back, and some the first month of advertising there.

    Example: "I advertised for $450 and I received that back in about 3 weeks and some more!"
    Kaumil P.

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    My experience with HostingCatalog was very bad. I had 4dwebhosting in the Unix showcase(pos no.1) listing and received about 1 visitor every 3 days. I had it there for 1 month.

    I got the email also and understand that the new owners are charging way, way, way to much for their advertising considering their traffic is very minimal.

    steer clear!

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