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    Need help with a REALLY SLOW messageboard

    Hey all,

    As always, whenever i need some good advice, I come here.

    Here's a question:

    I run a messageboard on my site ( and although it's relatively large (8000 users / 160,000 posts / 60k unique visitors per month) it's far from being at the size of the real large boards (such as this one).

    A problem of mine is that my board is stupidly slow. I use YaBBSE 1.4.1 (from but I don't think that's the problem, as I've seen other large boards that function at the speed of this one and other vbulletin boards.

    we see at any given time 40-50 people on, and max out daily at about 80-100 people. And when that happens, my board comes to a crawl.

    So, I'm asking if any of you may know what is wrong? I don't think it's the software as I've seen other large boards with YaBB (such as this one

    Do you think it's the hardware? Is there a way of testing how fast my server actually is? and using that to better assess what's wrong?

    Thanks for any and all help

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    Well... Your trace route's look good and I was getting 15ms ping times from VA and 40ms from Alabama (different networks) so it's not your connection....

    Are you on a shared hosting account or a dedicated server?

    What appaers to be the problem is the page creation time. It looks like the server is struggling to get the page out.

    What are your server loads if you have access to them?
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