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    Need banner for hosting

    ok guys i need a top banner done for my site (forget what it like now i've got another design) it needs to be like 705width and 65height. I want the url incoroprated in the design, also i would like it to be light blue with maybe a picture of a traveller friends merged into it. I want it to look good - as hosting for a yr is a god deal.
    also i would like if you can to find 3 photos on the net or make em or whatever they need to be of proper things i.e. not aniamtion and sizes are 105by60, they need to be of 1) some sort of email system, someone writing email etc 2) someone paying money to another person i.e. as site allows money to change hands so something which explains that and 3)and another one which i can't think of right now.
    anyway if your interested get in contact with me or post images on here.
    hosting is
    100mb space
    10gig bandwidth
    all cpanel stuff like cgi scripts, email system, that thing.
    MySQL database
    other stuff
    + if it's good i can let you have a domain aswell.
    P.S - i'm offering this as i have a site i'm not using anymore so i might as well give it to someone who will

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    Wrong Forum, try Job Offers and Requests.

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