I hope this isnt a stupid question. I have been floating around this board for quite some time and find it very helpful. Thanks to all you that make it work..

Here is what I am dealing with. I have been hosting on a single server for over a year with ensim. I just purchased another server and installed cpanel. they are Server1.web.com and Server2.web.com. I have modernbill installed on server1. How or what is the best way to mask this as one service? Is this possible? .. Customer goes to server1 (main server) orders the cpanel (which is server2) Is there a way to setup nameservers that can corispond to both in some way? Right now i have ns/ns1 point to server1 ns2/ns3 point to server 2. This just doesnt seem the right way to do it, but the only logical way. I have had to setup modernbill to not use the new API and setup the service manually..

I hope this make some bit of sense. I am sure there are several of you out there that have it setup the way i am looking, just maybe not explaining.

Thanks for you time