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    Terminal Services n00b question

    I just got my Win2000 server at and up to now it rocks all. I have Terminal Services installed and am able to use the server as I use my own machine seeing the desktop and all (must be common for you guys, I think it rocks!).

    Now, I suppose I am also able to install programs myself. What I am looking for is a program I can install to view my users on, session stats, bandwith, pageviews served, referrers, etc. The basic things you would get from WebStatsLive. Does anybody know a good program I can use for this and/or does IIS have such statistics? I am such a n00b at this game and any help would be greatly appreciated... I just want to get this basic info somehow.

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    IIS produces the log files for each virtual site. Its up to you what software you buy to turn them into graphical stats. Livestats is the most popular for big hosts but also very expensive.

    To be perfectly hounest if you can find anything near this good within a reasonable budget then i am sure all the Win hosts here would love to know.

    Just to add to this, i have found a lovely Flash product that turns any xml data into charts, lets hope IIS6 has xml facility for log files.

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    Thanks for the reply. $695 is really a lot of money. If anyone knows a cheaper program that delivers basic stats then I would also love to hear about it....

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    IIS will log all your website traffic stats, then it is a matter of converting them to a reasonable format.

    I use Analog ( ) for IIS logs, then Report Magic ( ) if I want to make them look pretty - using a perl script and Task Scheduler to run them each day/week/month.

    MRTG ( ) combined with Performance Monitor (like this: ) will create 'realtime' graphs of pretty much anything you can monitor, including CPU, Bandwidth, bandwidth from individual sites etc.

    These solutions are not as simple as installing a program, but they are free, and so the trade-off is your time/effort in getting them working.

    HostMonitor ( ) looks like a rather neat little package that I've started playing with. Its quite powerful, but I didn't find anyone on WHT that seems to be using it so I was a little worried as to why.

    I'm not sure what else WebStatsLive will do for you, but if there is something specific you want to do/see I'll let you know if I have a solution.

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    Actually I am just looking for the basics: bandwith, pageviews (preferably per page), hottest entry points, referrering pages (very important to me). This should not be too much to ask....

    Also, my main site is up at:
    Could someone ping it or something, run a trace or those other cool things you do to see how fast it is. My traffic is mostly from the US but I live in Holland so I am wondering what you are getting. How do you trace/ping a server by the way (again very much a n00b)

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    is all you need
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