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    phpmyadmin bug with php 4.2.3


    After an evening of trying to remake a root user after it somehow vanished of the server i decided to install phpmyadmin. It's odd because when i log into phpmyadmin as a user it says: No databases.

    And when i login as root it shows just mysql as the only database, is that the error they are on about? or have i messed up re-creating my root user?

    i used the directions on but used the very latest version of MySQL rather than the one mentioned. could that be a problem? I installed this on the RAQ550, im considering doing it on other RAQ's for friends but dont want to if this is wrong

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    The additional Features for working with linked Tables have been deactivated. To find out why click here.

    I have this error also the version of phpmyadmin is 2.3.2

    I'm not sure i fully understand this version at all.

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    There is an issue with php 4.2.3 and the phpmyadmin program - see for details


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